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2021 Calendar of Events

as of 4/12/2021

Calendar still being developed- check back for updates!

please note: our club is putting  in person social meetings and activities on hold until the Covid 19 virus threat has passed. Some meetings will be held virtually. Will update here when in person activities resume. Thank you and stay safe.

Note: Club  Monthly Dinner's are at 1800 with EXCOM meeting at 1700. Untill further notice this has been replaced by Club Socials via Zoom at the same time and at YOUR place.


 5       Porthole submissions due

11     Marine Navigation course via Zoom

12     Porthole distributed to members

18     Marine Navigation course via Zoom

19  Club Social  via Zoom Georgia Conservancy's Charles McMillian updates on Golden Ray, Camden Spaceport, water rights, Cumberland property and more

23    Marine Navigation Course Practicum

9:00 AM- 2:00 PM at UGA

25    Marine Navigation Course via Zoom

30     Marine Navigation Course Practicum

9:00 AM - 2:00 PM at UGA


1     Marine Navigation Course via Zoom

2     Porthole content submissions due

6    ABC class at UGA/ cancelled 

8     Marine Navigation Course via Zoom

9    Porthole Distribution

16    Club Social

20  9:00 AM  Litter Pickup at Liberty Ship Park

15-26  America's Boating Club Virtual National Meeting. Schedule TBA


2      Porthole articles due for March edition

9     Porthole distributed to members

12-13 Dist 26 Virtual Conference

16  Club Social

20 Club Crise Blythe Island area


10  ABC class  at UGA

register now for this class

6  Porthole articles due for April edition

13  Porthole distributed to Members

17 Club Cruise to Mudcat Charlie's

20 Club Social-Stephanie Chewing -Coastal Educator One Hundred Miles. Barrier Island Dynamics 6PM via ZOOM

21-25 Disctict 26 Cruise and Rendevouz hosted by Hilton Head and Bufort Squadrons


1 Club Yard Rescheduled to June 5th sale at Hindery's 8AM-1PM

4  Porthole articles due for May edition

11 Porthole distributed to members

18  Club Social Boat Drinks demonstration  

 check email for updated location

22 Club Cruise- to Spartina Grill in Darien

22-28  National Safe Boating Week



1 Porthole articles due for June edition

5 Club Yard sale at Hindery's 8AM-1PM

8  Porthle distributed to members

15  Club Social

19 Club Cruise to Lang's Restaurant in St Mary's



6 Porthole articles due for July edition

13 Porthole distributed to members

20 Club Social



3 Porthole articles due for August edition

10 Porthole distributed to members

17 Club Social


7 Porthole articles due for September edition

14 Porthole distributed to members

21 Club Social



2  Coast Fest 

5 Porthole articles due for October edition

9  ABC class  at UGA

12 Porthole distributed to members

19 Club Social



2 Porthole articles due for November edition

9 Porthole distributed to members

16 Club Social



??  Annual GISPS Christmas Party  (tenative)

No Porthole in December, Dec-Jan issue to come in January






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